Industrial Furnaces

WESMAN ENGINEERING is the leader for fuel-fired and electric furnaces for reheating and heat treatment. Our user base spans steel plants, public sector units, defense, railways, automotive ancilliaries, aluminium plants and private sector users.

Achievements includes India’s largest rotary hearth furnace and first indigenous pulse-fired heat treatment furnace.

Our furnace range includes:

  • Walking beam 
  • Walking hearth
  • Rotary hearth
  • Elevated hearth
  • Pushers
  • Bogie hearth
  • Pit furnaces
  • Chamber-type
  • Conveyorized furnaces
  • Salt baths
  • Ovens and Kilns
  • Ladle dryers
  • Air heaters

Our range for aluminium includes -  Stationary and tilting melting and holding furnaces - Furnaces for soaking, ageing, annealing, homogenizing and solution treatment processes.

Wesman also rebuilds existing furnaces to increase output and reduce energy consumption.

Wesman has joined hands with CERI to supply complete technology solutions for very large furnace projects relating to - Top and bottom fired walking beam furnaces - Roller hearth furnaces - Tunnel furnaces.