Combustion Systems

WESMAN THERMAL is India’s leading supplier of combustion systems acclaimed for their fuel efficiency leading to operational savings. Our burners are the first choice of OEMs, consultants and users in all sectors from metals, food processing and chemicals to ceramics, forgings, auto components and cement.

Our range covers:

  • Oil, gas and dual-fuel burners
  • Regenerative burners
  • Self-recuperative burners
  • Centrifugal fans and blowers
  • Oil filtering, heating and pumping systems
  • Ratio and pressure regulating valves
  • Pressure jet burners
  • Control valve trains
  • Hot air generators
  • Indurating burners for pelletizing plants
  • Ignition and flame failure systems
  • Burner management panels

Wesman also designs custom combustion solutions, from basic manual functions to automated process control.