Wesman P-SERIES Intensive Mixers have the following design features to efficiently deliver large volumes of high-quality prepared sand:

  • DRIVE UNIT intelligently mounted on top gives easy access for maintenance and less down-time
  • PLANETARY GEARBOX rotates blades at high speed on their own axis and revolves them in pan for thorough mix
  • FLUID COUPLING located between motor and gearbox to protect motor from shock load burnout
  • TRIPLE-ACTION ROTORS each have three arms with replaceable blades for homogenous output of sand
  • INTEGRAL HOPPER built into mixer cover feeds sand and additives into the mixer smoothly and conveniently
  • CENTRAL SPRAYER allows water to be added through central axis via spray heads mounted on rotor arms
  • CEREMIC TILE lining to increase plough and mixer shell life.
  • SIDE WALL SCRAPERS of tungsten carbide continuously clean side walls and push sand towards mixing rotors
  • PNEUMATIC DOOR for bottom discharge with heavy-duty cylinder allows rapid discharge of sand in 12 seconds
  • RUGGED DESIGN with wear-resistant base plate mounted on heavy steel sections for long life
  • PLC CONTROL PANEL operates mixer on full auto cycle and also controls sand, additive and water addition