Wesman has a full range of Aluminium Melting and Holding Furnaces up to a capacity of 20 MT to offer to the aluminium industries for foundry cast house and recycling operation. These furnaces will be reverberatory type tilting or stationary. Furnaces with small dry hearth can be offered for clean automotive scraps. Aluminium scraps are charged through side door with the help of charging machine or manually and after melting, dross removal and fluxing molten metal can also be discharged through tapping spout. Hydraulically operated tilting arrangement is provided to suit the application.

The furnaces are fired with Wesman’s high efficiency burners supported by a full complement of combustion system consisting of combustion fan, atomizing fan, oil heating and pumping systems and/or gas trains. In addition auto ignition, flame failure safety and complete control systems are offered. Practically any type of liquid or gaseous fuel can be used viz. Furnace Oil, Light Diesel Oil, LPG, Natural Gas singly or a combination of any oil or gas in case of dual fired furnaces. Wesman Regenerator burners can be offered that can give air preheat of 10000C or more.

All Wesman furnaces are lined with a combination of alumina bricks backed by insulation bricks to minimize the skin temperature. Furnace bath is lined with phosphate bonded high alumina bricks backed by insulation bricks to ensure durability. Non-wetting type phosphate bonded refractories can be offered for bath lining to prevent seepage of molten metal to the bottom.