Wesman has a full range of pit type Heat Treatment up to a capacity of 100 MT for hardening, annealing, normalizing, carburizing, nitriding, tempering, aging and stress relieving to offer to industries like Fastener, Bearing, Forge Parts, Gears, Rolls, Strip, Wire, Piston rings etc in steel industries besides cylinder heads and pistons for Aluminum industries.

These furnaces are of circular construction with insulated cover which is hydraulically lifted/swiveled for charging or discharging the material into and from the furnace. The charge material can be loaded into the Pit furnace with the help of EOT crane or suitable loading machine. The Pit furnaces can also be offered with quenching facilities and washing machine to suit customers’ requirement.

Pit furnaces are offered with or without sealed retorts for inert/reducing atmosphere or normal oxidizing atmosphere applications. The furnaces with inert/reducing atmosphere applications will have facility for introducing atmosphere like hydro-carbon rich gas , ammonia and nitrogen into a sealed retort made of stainless steel of AISI-310/304 depending on the application temperature. The lid is fitted with gas tight through water-cooled neoprene/silicon rubber seal for proper sealing.

These furnaces can be either electrically heated or fuel fired The electrically heated furnaces are provided with resistive strip/wire heating elements located on the sidewall of the furnace. The heating elements of the furnace are suitably divided into number of heating zones and can be controlled through contactor or thyrister based control philosophy through PID controllers. Fuel fired Pit furnaces are offered with Wesman’s high efficiency burners for Oil/Gas application supported by a full complement of combustion control system with safety devices.

Hot air circulation inside the furnace is made by efficient centrifugal or axial type recirculation fan which can be with two speed motor or with VVFD drive. Pit furnaces are lined with ceramic fibre block/module at side wall and lid cover. Bottom hearth will be lined with refractory bricks backed by insulation bricks, specially designed to withstand load to minimize the skin temperature.

Wesman has full capability to offer complete control and instrumentation system through PLC based or Hardware based logic controls.