Wesman has a full range of Continuous Roll-down type Heat Treatment/Reheating Furnaces to offer to the pipe manufacturing, aluminium log and other metal industries. Roll-down furnaces are used for preheating of aluminium logs/round billets and preheating of round mandrels for seamless steel tube pipe manufacturing, in addition to other preheating and heat treatment applications. Roll-down furnaces can be fuel fired or electrically heated. Skid rails are laid on hearth with slope to facilitate movement of material to discharge end by rolling under gravity. The material are charged on the hearth side by side over skid rails so that it can be pushed into the furnace by means of pneumatically/ hydraulically operated pusher mechanism. The material will be discharged at the opposite end of the roll-down furnace one at a time.

The furnaces are fired with Wesman’s high efficiency burners supported by a full complement of combustion system consisting of combustion fan, atomizing fan, oil heating and pumping systems and/or gas trains. In addition auto ignition, flame failure safety and complete control systems are offered. Practically any type of liquid or gaseous fuel can be used viz. Furnace Oil, Light Diesel Oil, LPG and Natural Gas singly or a combination of any oil or gas in case of dual fired furnaces.

The furnace can be provided with electrical heating through heat resistant Strip/Wire/rod type heating elements located along with the side/back walls/roof of the furnace. The heating elements of the furnace are suitably divided into number of heating zones with each zone of having their bank of heater. The heating elements of the furnace are suitably divided into number of heating zones and can be controlled through Contactor or Thyrister based control philosophy through PID controllers.

The Roll-down Furnaces can be directly heated through Burners located behind stainless steel baffles. The roll-down furnaces will also be provided with stainless steel/mild steel baffles depending on furnace operating temperature to allow uniform heating inside the furnace and ensure sufficient circulation of hot air through suitably sized recirculation fan assembly.

The Roll-down Furnaces are lined with high temperature grade ceramic fiber lining at the sidewalls and modules at the roof and door. The bottom hearth of the furnace is provided with combination of high alumina bricks backed by insulation bricks to minimize the skin temperature.

For electrically heated furnace, the temperature control shall be on PID based programmable control philosophy with thyristor heater controllers for better temperature control and energy efficiency. Wesman electrically heated furnaces can be offered with 100% thyristor controllers or 100% DELTA/STAR/OFF mode for higher energy efficiency.

Wesman has full capability to offer complete control and instrumentation system through PLC based or hard-wire based logic c.