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LOI Wesman offer Protective Atmosphere Multi-stack Bell type Annealing furnace for heat treatment of steel as well as non-ferrous wire. These furnaces are used principally for Spherodizing /Recrystallizing without decarburization or oxidation in N2 / HNx/H2 Atmosphere.

LOI Wesman Bell Type Annealing plants for steel wire are equipped with HPH (high performance hydrogen) technology.

The annealing time required for Spherodizing of rolled wire is determined mainly by metallurgical factors. It is recommended to use nitrogen. For recrystallizing drawn wire, Hydrogen is used as the controlled atmosphere. The high heat transfer rate possible with hydrogen makes for excellent annealing results with minimum annealing time.

The heating medium used for these types of furnace are either Gas or electricity.

The state of the art instrumentation makes it possible to run the furnace precisely to the predetermined time and temperature schedule.

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