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Wesman Simpson Technologies Private Limited is a joint venture company incorporated in 1996 in Kolkata, India with equal financial participation of Simpson Technologies USA and The Wesman Group, India.

Wesman Group is India’s leading designer and manufacturer of Foundry Equipment, Industrial Furnaces and Combustion Systems. Wesman is the oldest and most reputed foundry equipment manufacturer in India serving the Indian foundry industry for the past sixty years.

The Simpson Group is a four generation family owned entity with world renowned foundry and process technology. From process industry mixing plants to a wide portfolio of foundry technologies and equipment including sand coolers, batch and continuous mixers, on-line process controls, sand reclamation, sand laboratory instrumentation, pneumatic transporters and system automation, the complete range of products are global brands that make up the Simpson group succeed individually and as a whole through dedicated technical innovation and superior customer service.

Wesman Simpson Technologies brings to the foundries in the Indian sub-continent the world class equipment from the Simpson brand namely the Sand Multicooler, Speedmullor, Hartley On-Line Controller, Pro-Claim Green and Core Sand Reclamation plant. Most of the equipment are manufactured and supplied from India and are supported by a competent service team trained in USA.

Simpson and Simpson Gerosa electronic laboratory equipment for sand control make Simpson the world’s largest manufacturer of sand control lab and their equipment is found globally in the best foundries.

WESMAN GROUP brings cutting-edge technologies to its customers