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About the Wesman Group

Since its founding in 1951 by Arjan Vaswani in Kolkata, the Wesman Group presently consists of seven companies with nearly 500 employees. Wesman has been one of India’s foremost names for industrial heating process equipment and solutions for over 50 years. In pursuit of the commitment to it's customers, Wesman Engineering is an ISO 9001:2000-certified company since January 1998.

Wesman’s Machine Building Plant is located on a 10,000 square meter site near Kolkata’s international airport. The site also hosts the Group’s Research and Development facility, which regularly develops and adds new products while continuously improving existing ones. Wesman’s global outlook, market reputation, infrastructural facilities and organizational strengths in management, manufacturing, marketing and after-sales service have led to highly successful joint ventures and collaborations with leading international equipment manufacturers in related fields that enables Wesman to offer world class products to the customers.

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With its network of 13 regional and branch offices all over India to service its customer base, Wesman has the ability to offer technical solutions and after sales service promptly and efficiently.

Wesman is wired to the future of doing business in the electronic global environment. The Group has made extensive investments in its corporate email system, ERP systems, 2D and 3D CAD design office (Mechanical Desktop and Solidworks) with networked file sharing, computerized engineering applications, and countrywide data links to its regional and branch offices.

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WESMAN GROUP brings cutting-edge technologies to its customers