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High Velocity Stationary Burner (Tempest & HIRAM Burner)

In a furnace the re-circulation of products of combustion can substantially contribute to the speed of heating and temperature uniformity. For low temperature ovens and dryers, suitable re-circulating fans are generally provided to achieve temperature uniformity. However, fans are not practical for high temperature furnaces and kilns.

Excess air can help in re-circulation but this will result in wastage of fuel. 30% excess air for a 1100 degree centigrade furnace will require additional 24% fuel than stoichiometric firing. In comparison, high velocity gases entrain and re-circulate more than seven times of own volume will eliminate need for fans or excess air. Tempest and Hiram burners are the answer for such applications.

• Wide range of application, 300 to 1650 degree centigrade operating temperatures
• Inherently low emissions
• 18,000 to 500,000 kcal / hr capacity range
• 300 degree centigrade preheated air
• Durable construction,
• Dual fuel usage
• Wide air / fuel ratio flexibility


• Ceramic Tunnel and Kilns
• Heat Treatment Furnaces
• Car Bottom Furnaces Scrap
• Preheaters Galvanizing Tanks
• Air Heating and Drying

High Velocity Portable Burner (HIVAM Burner)

These portable burners are basically for heating large volume of air. They have high excess air ratio capabilities and light weight all metal construction make them ideal for applications like drying refractory lined furnaces and vessels, rotary dryers and calciners.

• 1Million to 4.2 Million kcal / hr capacity range
• Light Weight, all metal construction,
• Gas and/or Light Oil option
• Wide air / fuel ratio flexibility
• High Excess Air Capability
• High Velocity


• Drying Refractory lined furnaces & Vessels
• Air Heating and Drying

Regenerative Burner (Twin Bed Burners)

Lower Fuel and Operating Cost

These burners recovers waste heat from furnace exhaust gases to preheat combustion air to significantly reduce fuel consumption over conventional burners or burners with recuperators. These burners have exceptionally low NOx emissions and high fuel savings make it a perfect option for high temperature furnaces. The higher the process temperature, more is the saving potential.

• Low NOx emissions
• High Efficiency
• No complicated refractory stabilizers or baffles
• Improved Pilot and mounting
• Modular Construction for flexibility


• Reheating Furnaces
• Forging Furnaces
• Heat Treatment Furnaces
• Aluminum Melting Furnaces
• Glass Melting Furnaces

Burners for Lean Gases e.g. Coal Producer Gas

Lower Fuel Cost

These burners are specifically designed for Lean gases with calorific value of 1100 kcal/Nm3 and velocity of 12 m/sec.

• Dual Fuel Usage
• Stable up to 100% excess air
• Low maintenance cost
• Simultaneously gas and oil can be used


• Reheating Furnaces
• Forging Furnaces
• Ceramic Kiln
• Biscuit Oven
• Galvanizing Furnace
• Small Process Boiler

Hot Air Burners (Magna Flame)

Hot air Magna Flame Burners operate with hot air from recuperators or other heat recovery devices to save energy.

• Range 3 to 68 million Btu / hour
• For application up to 1425 degree centigrade
• Standard low NOx capability
• Fits the flame to the combustion chamber
• Distributes the heat where it’s needed
• High turndown capabilities
• Dual Fuel, Gas or Oil (light or heavy grade)
• Broad stability range
• Excellent performance with cold or hot air


• Re-heating Furnace
• Glass Melting Furnace
• Non-ferrous Melting Furnace
• Rotary Calciners
• Boilers
• Air Heaters
• Incinerators
• Gypsum Kettles

Radiant Tube Gas Burners

These burners uses every square inch of available tube surface for heat transfer. It avoids hot spots and burnout.

• High Heat Release
• Even Heat Release
• Low Burner & Tube Maintenance
• Cold or Preheated Combustion air
• Easy lighting

Flat Flame Gas Burners

Where penetration or forward drive by the flame or combustion gases is to be avoided or when radiation heat transfer is to be enhanced Flat Flame Burners can be effectively used. Flat Flame Burner actually heats its own refractory tile and the refractory surface of a surrounding furnace wall or roof by convection from the high velocity combustion gases thrown sideways from the burner. The hot refractory surface then start to radiate heat to the load. The disc shaped flames produced by these burners have no forward velocity. Flat Flame Burners have been successfully used in enhancing the capacity of reheating furnace by increasing the temperature at the inlet of the furnace.


• Preheating furnaces
• High Temperature Kilns
• Salt Pots
• Galvanizing Tanks
• Cover Annealing Furnace
• Slab Heaters
• Patenting Furnace
• Glass Annealing Leh

6832 Flat Flame Dual Fuel Burner

Luminous Long Flame Burners (Fire-All)

In some operations a direct flame radiation over a large area is desirable. Luminous long flame (Fire-all) burners have considerable length and they can fill a large volume of combustion space with flame having little temperature variation along their length. This permits more effective use of hearth area because of uniform temperature head through out the combustion space.

• Pre-heated combustion air up to 350 degree centigrade can be used
• Suitable for Vertical Top and Bottom firing also
• Range 0.53 to 7.3 Mkcal/hour


• Bar Billet and Ingot Re-heating Furnace
• Aluminum Melting and Holding Furnace
• Ladle / Tundish Pre-heating
• Hot Air Generator
• Shuttle Kilns
• Forging Furnace
• Rotary Kiln & Calciner


Self Proportionating Oil & Dual Fuel Burners (Schildrop)


This is most popular burner in Indian industries for last half a century.

• Considerable fuel savings over conventional burners.
• Constant air and fuel ratio. Eliminates dependence on operator's judgement.
• Single lever to control fuel and air flow simultaneously.
• Also available oil and oil-gas combination burner.


• Forging furnace
• Galvanizing furnace
• Re-heating furnace
• Boilers
• Non-ferrous melting furnace
• Hot air generator
• Heat Treatment Furnace

Compressed Air Oil & Gas Torches

These torches are used as localized heat source. These are light weight and easy to operate.

• Both Oil and Gas version is available.
• Compressed air is used as atomizing media.
• Combustion air is from atmosphere.


• Pre-heat for Soldiering / Brazing / Welding
• Pre-heat Dies and Moulds
• Heating for hand forging
• Pre-heating small ladles and crucibles

Compressed Air Portable Burners with Tank (VS / VSB Burner)

VS/VSB Burners is versatile and handy unit for all type of industries including foundry, who requires occasional heating at site either for repair or production purpose.

• Suitable for LDO, HSD or Kerosene.
• Oil tank capacity 4.5 liter / 16.5 liter.
• Maximum Flame length 40 – 60 inches.
• Maximum temperature is about 1150 degree centigrade
• No air pressure required for oil tank, operates on venture principle


• Heating pipe for bending
• Skin drying moulds, Ladle Heating etc
• Pre-heating for welding
• Melting lead & Babbit
• Straightening steel members
• Lighting cupolas
• Pre-heating large Ladles

Pressure Jet Burners

The primary demands of a process burner are flame geometry and combustion performance maintained over wide turndown ratios to handle fluctuating load demands and spinning reserves, with minimum draught loss to conserve power.

• Robust fixed geometry construction
• Suitable for automatic and remote control
• Able to burn oil and gas as individual fuels or combined
• Ability to clean oil or gas nozzles while firing on alternative fuel
• Wide turndown with good atomization
• High combustion performance with low excess air
• Fixed burner guns avoiding the need for retraction
• Suitable for vertical, horizontal or angled application
• Burns all grades of liquid fuel and wide range of gases
• Low atomizing steam consumption with constant pressure over turndown range

Process Boiler Burners

Steam / compressed air atomized L or D series burner are used with either D-type integral wind box or suitable to install on common wind box on process boiler.

• Range 4 to 120 million BTU / hr.
• Wide range application
• Oil (light or heavy grade), Gas or Oil-gas combination
• Robust construction
• Wide turndown with good atomization

Mainly in Water tube boiler for following application:

• Steam Generation
• Process Heating
• Power Generation etc.
• Large capacity Hot Air Generator
• Drying Ovens

Oil or Gas Lances for Kilns

Lance type burners are normally steam or compressed air assisted long flame burner. These tailor made burners are compiled with primary / secondary air tube and suitable for various application.

• Range 4 to 16 million BTU / hr.
• Dual Fuel, Gas or Oil (light or heavy grade)
• Wide Turndown range
• Suitable for automatic and remote control


• Rotary Kiln
• Sponge Iron
• Dryer
• Cement and Chemical Industries
• Refractory Industries

Start-up & Load Carrying Burners

These burners are used to heat up fluidized bed as well as load carrying for modern boilers. These tailor made burners are suitable for installation at different angle and uses special material to withstand hot furnace condition.

• Range 20 to 100 million BTU / hr.
• Dual Fuel, Gas or Oil (light or heavy grade)
• Wide Turndown range
• Robust construction
• Suitable for automatic and remote control
• High combustion performance with low excess air


• Modern CFBC and AFBC Boilers
• Captive Power Plant
• Large capacity Hot Air Generator

High Pressure Oil Inserts

These are basically high pressure steam or compressed air atomized sprayer gun centrally inserted into the solid fuel fired burner for initial ignition as well as used as support flame. Any kind of liquid fuel or gaseous fuel are used with these inserts and available at various ranges to suite the application. Fuel inserts are also used for sulfuric acid plant for heating up the furnace before charging sulfur as fuel.

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