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LOI Wesman is a market leader for fully automatic High Performance Hydrogen (HPH) Bell Type Annealing furnaces using 100% Hydrogen for heat treatment of Steel & non-ferrous metal strips. LOI have installed more than 7500 bases globally of which more than 2500 bases use 100% hydrogen technology and the rest with HNx (95% Nitrogen + 5% Hydrogen) technology.

LOI Wesman bases can be heated with Light oil/Gas and electricity. Bases can be designed for static load as high as 120MT.

HPH batch annealing furnaces provide the following advantages:

- Higher Utilization with regard to product range and capacity utilization.

- Lower capital cost

- Lower operating expenses

- Possibility of modular expansion in several stages

- Higher quality of heat treatment.



For higher capacity of strip processing LOI Wesman offers a Horizontal Continuous Strip Processing line. The throughput of a continuous annealing line reaches 280 MT per hour at a strip speed of about 800 Meters/min. The whole annealing process including heating, soaking, slow and rapid cooling, over aging and final cooling to ambient air needs only few minutes.

In the furnace a protective gas mixture of 95%nitrogen and 5% hydrogen is used. The furnace can be designed in such a way that processing tinplate and sheet is possible on the same equipment.

The strip widths which can be heat treated in such a plant are between 600 mm and 1850 mm at strip thicknesses from 0.15 mm to 3.0 mm. In the Continuous Annealing Line hot and cold rolled steels with low - to high-carbon content, high-strength steels, dual-phase (DP) steels and tinplate can be processed.



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