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Solution Annealing Furnace


Wesman has a full range of Solution Heat Treatment Furnaces of batch capacity up to 25 MT for heat treatment of Aluminum and Alloy components for Aluminum Industries like Auto components, Cylinder Heads, Pistons, Aluminum Sheet, Aluminium Ingots, Conductors, and Aluminium Foils etc.

The Solution Heat Treatment furnaces are drop bottom type with the furnace supported on a elevated structure with the water quenching tank underneath to ensure quick quenching after desired heating as per the specific heat treatment cycle of solution treatment.

These furnaces are of Circular/ Rectangular construction with insulated cover that hydraulically/electro-mechanically move side ways to ensure charging of Circular/ Rectangular workbasket from the loading platform through suspended wire-rope type hydraulically/electro-mechanically operated lifting and lowering mechanism. The loading platform and the quenching tank are mounted on a hydraulically/electro-mechanically driven trolley above the ground level to facilitate quicker quenching (within 30secs), where in the trolley will move underneath the furnace with loading platform under the furnace for loading the charge material into the furnace by the lifting and lowering mechanism for desired heating and soaking. Subsequently the quenching tank will move under the furnace for quenching after the desired heating and soaking. In case the permissible quenching time is little longer i.e. beyond 45 secs the furnace can also be offered with a cemented quenching tank below ground level with loading platform mounted on a trolley moving above the quench tank for desired loading and unloading.

These furnaces can be either electrically heated or fuel fired The electrically heated furnaces are provided with resistive Strip/Wire heating elements located on the sidewall of the furnace. The heating elements of the furnace are suitably divided into number of heating zones and can be controlled through Contactor or Thyrister based control philosophy through PID controllers. Fuel fired furnaces are offered with Wesman’s high efficiency radiant tube burners for Oil/Gas application supported by a full complement of combustion system with safety devices.

Hot air circulation inside the furnace is made by efficient centrifugal or axial type recirculation fan, which can be with two-speed motor or with VVFD drive. The furnaces are of double wall construction with ceramic fiber blankets sandwiched between inner and outer wall for optimum insulation and minimum wall losses.

Wesman has full capability to offer complete control and instrumentation system through PLC based or Hardware based logic controls.

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