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As far as the automatic furnace control software is concerned, LOI WESMAN can offer a lot of new generation techniques and options assuring you maximum efficiency with easy, comprehensive and reliable control to suit the specific need of the customer. In collaboration with the customers, integrating our equipment with the already existing plants and systems is also possible. The intelligent hardware and software solutions available are the following:


Our individual batch furnace management package or SCADA is a heat treating supervisory program based on the latest operating system to provide operational control, standard recipes and recipe management. The main operator interface is the PC which communicates directly with the batch furnace PLC and HMI for complete operational control as well as temperature and carbon potential control. A variety of standard screens are provided for visualization, recipe generation and execution, real time status, control loops, process trending both real time and historical, batch report generation, maintenance and alarm management, archiving as well as other analog and digital status it dependably records and manages heat treatment parameters for optimum results and generates archive data and documentation . True to the philosophy of batch furnaces, this system is extremely flexible and modules can be added, after new equipment is installed, in the existing installation.

The SCADA can be programmed to cater only to the main Sealed Quench Furnace or all the equipment of the batch furnace installation.

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When the installation is big involving a large number of equipment, then to provide better capacity utilization and, therefore, higher production efficiency , completely automatic and man less installation can be provided wherein all the equipment will be equipped with PLC and HMI and together with the Supervisory PLC, the AUTOMATION System coordinates, organizes, manages and integrates all the functions of the installation and individual equipment with processing and operation carried out without human interference except for emergency situations. The system offers flexibility in terms of number and type of equipment as well as the layout and future provisions

Built around the popular, fast and efficient ethernet network, the system performs the following broad and overall functions:

  • Operate all functions for regular shop operation and processing from the control room.
  • Automatic Sequencing, Charge tracking and installation visualization
  • Supervisory guidance, Self diagnostics and Alarm Annunciation
  • Data logging and SCADA for individual equipment
  • Archiving and Maintenance Management

Interfacing of the program through internet by web browser or hooking to the existing Plant ERP network is also possible for remote diagnostics and 24 X 7 monitoring.

All the features of the SCADA get automatically integrated in the Automation Management Package.

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