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Sand Testing Laboratory Equipment


To achieve the highest casting quality levels and the lowest costs of operation modern foundries demand laboratory instrumentation that is accurate, easy to use, repeatable, easy to calibrate and dependable.







A complete line of more than 70 advanced sand testing instruments and accessories. Testing properties of prepared sand of raw materials
  1. More accurate and repeatable than conventional equipment
  2. Easy to use and calibrate to traceable standards
  3. Economical to purchase and maintain
  4. Advanced designs allow for better testing




Conventional mechanical testing equipment is based on designs from 50 to 70 years ago and lacks the accuracy, repeatability and ease of use needed in modern foundries. Sand testing is an essential tool in the development and maintenance of quality and efficiency in a large or small metalcasting plant. Critical operational and quality control decisions in foundry operations are made every day based on the result on the laboratory analysis of foundry processes and materials.

Electronic Mold Hardness Tester Wet Tensile Tester Computerized Sand Strength Machine Digital Absolute Permmeter

In modern, high-production foundries, casting defects and process inefficiencies can quickly reduce foundry profitability and competitiveness. To give you better understanding of, and control over your materials and processes, Simpson is committed to the continuous development of sand testing instrumentation. We have incorporated the latest advancements in electronics, sensors and process technology to achieve increased accuracy and repeatability, improved ease of use, lower cost of operation and better test results.

A complete line of more than 70 different instruments is available to test all of the characteristics of prepared sand or raw materials. With better process data, foundries will make better decisions and higher, more profitable castings.

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