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Wesman Mechanized Sand Preparation Plant was developed in early 1960’s. Many of these were supplied to renowned foundries  in India and it is not uncommon to find these plants in operation in excess of 30 years.

Wesman Sand Preparation / conditioning plant generally consists of vibratory Shakeout Machine, Oscillating Trough Conveyer, Belt Conveyer, Over band Magnetic Separator, Bucket Elevator, Polygonal Screen, Return Sand Cooler, Bunkers, Feeders, Mixer / Muller, Mixed sand distribution system.

Simpson Hartley On line Compactability control with automatic bond control is available as an option. This control is achieved through self learning intelligent software by automatic controlled addition of water and clay based on the feedback information like quantity of sand, moisture content, temperature of incoming sand and Compactability and bond strength of previous batches.

Operation of all the equipment of the sand plant is sequenced and controlled, for complete automation, by Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) panel with mimic. For enhanced visualization, computer based integrated SCADA system may be provided as optional alternative to mimic.

Integrated Dust control system, with collection ducts near the sand transfer points and some of the equipment, may be provided with suitable sized bag filters for minimizing particulate emissions. All the Wesman bag filters are fitted with Wesman make high quality fans specially designed for the purpose.

To solve the problem of disposal of discarded sand, which comes out of a green sand system every cycle, Wesman-Simpson Proclaim attrition green sand reclamation system may be provided as an optional extra. The reclaimed sand may be returned to the system as new sand and thus need for purchasing new sand would be reduced.

In a green sand system the return sand temperature is of great importance as hot sand can effect virtually every major operation within the foundry production line.  Though some foundries work with sands at 50-60 deg. C, it is advisable to restrict the temperature to 49 deg. C or lower  because at a temperature of 50 deg. C the bentonite starts loosing bonding quality and at 70 deg. C it completely loses its bonding property. We can provide world class Wesman Simpson Multicooler that can cool the hot return sand to 49 Deg C or less even when the ambient temperature is 44 Deg C. This equipment not only cools down the sand, but also pre-blends the sand for obtaining good and uniform property of the sand obtained after mixing in a mixer in the subsequent stage. All foundries in India who have installed Multicoolers have benefitted from lower reductions and better quality castings.

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