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WESMAN ENGINEERING’s Furnace Division is one of India’s most reputed. The Division designs and manufactures fuel-fired and electric furnaces for reheating and heat treatment applications. It was the first furnace company in India to be registered by the Government of India as a furnace manufacturer. The client base spans multiple industries, including defense, railways, automobile, foundries, forging, cement, power, aluminum plants and steel plants in private and public sectors, besides general engineering companies.

Wesman has full capability to offer complete control and instrumentation system to suit each customer’s requirement – from simple to very advanced and sophisticated controls. Temperature control loops, furnace pressure control loops, fuel ratio control loops, instrumentation for over temperature and recuperator safety by stand alone instruments or PLC based SCADA software control systems are offered. Automatic sequential control PLC software is standard with all furnaces.

For electrically heated furnace, the temperature control is by PID based programmable control philosophy with thyristor heater controllers for better temperature control and energy efficiency. Wesman electrically heated furnaces can be offered with 100% thyristor controllers or 100% Delta/Star/OFF mode for higher energy efficiency.

Additional accessories like Roller tables, Chain Conveyors at charge and discharge side, Closed Circuit TV Cameras for viewing charge and discharge operations from the control room, are offered to suit each user’s need.

Wesman uses a customized computer software for all the design aspects of each installation starting from heat balance, zone temperature set points, fuel consumption calculations at different outputs and different charge sizes so that the fuel consumption is optimized and the temperature difference between surface and core is the minimum.

Wesman has recently launched an off-line Setpoint Management Software that along with its off-line capability can also communicate to the Level 1 furnace control system and download optimum setpoints. Use of this powerful 'intelligent" tool will save the end user of Walking Hearths / Beams, Rotary Hearth and Pusher furnaces used in Steel Reheating and Forging applications enormous energy costs by giving optimum setpoint for the furnace zones. This will improve the overall thermal and metallurgical performance of the continuous furnace in normal operation as well during unforeseen delays or interruptions that occur in continuous mill operations in steel plants while processing any size, shape and grades of products in the continuous furnace.

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