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Plate Heat Treatment

Depending on customer requirement LOI Wesman produces Continuous Roller hearth furnaces or Oscillating (batch type) Roller hearth furnaces for the heat treatment of steel plates. These specialty heat treated plates are used for pressure vessel, ship building and other heavy duty structural application.


The plate heat treatment Roller hearth furnaces use nitrogen atmosphere in order to avoid oxidation & subsequent de-carburisation of the charge plates. The heating is through radiant tube burners, preferred fuel is Gas.

Furnaces may be used for Hardening, Normalizing and Tempering. The hardening furnace is always coupled with LOI's  Continuous Quenching unit. Keeping the quenching function inactive a hardening furnace can be used for the purpose of Normalizing.

For Tempering a separate furnace is suggested.

Over the past few years, LOI have installed the  majority of  plate heat treatment furnace plants which cannot be matched by any other furnace manufacturer.

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