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LOI-WESMAN Pit type Furnaces V and VR combine technology to economy and are manufactured on the basis of designs and drawings of our principals IVA INDUSTRIEOFEN GmbH, Germany and are used for simple as well as unique applications. These furnaces commonly known as GCF or Pit type Gas Carburizing Furnaces are also known as Vertical Retort or Shaft Furnaces and are mainly used for heat treatment at temperatures up to 1000 degree C maximum. These furnaces are designed for greater uptime, ease of maintenance, trouble free operation and can also be customized to meet your exact heat treatment and processing requirements.

These furnaces are available with or without retorts in a large variety of dimensions and particular design variations as well as numerous versions of companion equipment to carry out complete heat treatment operations in a systematic manner. In the decade of the new millennium, these furnaces were and are still favored and enjoy a large demand for deep case carburizing or nitriding of large gears for wind power plants and large roller bearing rings especially for railways application. No other type of furnace is better suited to offer the same low price-performance ratio.


The Pit type furnaces are used for various treatment processes such as case hardening and carburizing, neutral hardening, carbonitriding, gas nitriding, nitro carburizing, oxidizing, blackening, annealing, bainitic hardening, normalizing, stress relieving, quenching in oil/ salt/polymer/water, atmosphere cooling, etc.

The types of products which can be processed are quite varied being all types of Automotive Components, Large Roller Bearing Rings, Large Gear Components and Shafts, Extruder Worms, Forgings, Parts for Off Road/Construction Equipment and Trucks, Parts for Agricultural Machinery, Marine Transmission components, Aerospace components, Parts for Military Industry etc.


  • Heating System can be electrically heated type E or Gas Fired type G.
  • Gas used for heating and process can be LPG/Propane/Natural Gas supplied.
  • Furnace atmosphere possible:
  • With Endogas and LPG/Propane/Natural gas
  • With Methanol and LPG/Propane/Natural gas
  • With Methanol + Nitrogen and LPG/Propane/Natural gas
  • With cracked Ammonia
  • With Nitrogen
  • With or without Metallic Retort type VR and V respectively.
  • For the Retort type version VR available as retort with closed bottom or bottomless i.e. evacuable type with hanging retort
  • Available with or without Cooling Unit
  • The variety in available sizes is almost unlimited and depends on specific requirements. We are offering NINE standardized useful diameters or OD of batch as well as a large number of useful heights. It is- in most cases –the customer's largest parts (e.g. large roller bearing rings, large gear components, shafts etc.) which determine the outer dimension of the batch.
    The smallest batch is of 900 mm diameter X 1200 mm height having gross weight of 1000 Kg and the largest batch is of 3000 mm diameter X 3000 mm height having gross weight of 30,000 Kg.
    However, IVA has designed and supplied furnaces with maximum diameter of 3250 mm and maximum height of 4500 mm, so customized and special sizes (smaller or bigger) can be supplied on request.
  • Accessories such as Gassing and Regulating Systems, Quenching Baths (oil, water, salt, Polymer), Washers and Metal Cleaning Systems, Tempering Furnaces, Integrated Sub Zero Cooling Packages, trays and fixtures etc. are similarly available. Pit type furnaces are usually vertically loaded by crane due to the heavy weight of the load but for specific requirements, automatic loading and unloading systems can also be designed. Quench Bath available for salt up to 4000 C, oil up to 1200 C and polymer/ water up to 600 C while Tempering Furnace available up to 7500 C.
  • The Control Panel can be equipped with a freely-programmable control system and a programming unit. The choice of these units offers a very flexible program design. SCADA and MIS through PC and software linking all the equipment or only the main furnace is also available


  • Compact, Robust and Space Saving Design with state-of-the-art technology.
  • Furnace shell equipped with light weight and low heat retaining insulation.
  • Retort with cup sealing and compensator sealing or hanging.
  • Provided with gas tight cover with built-in atmosphere or air circulation aggregates.
  • Hydraulic cover lifting arrangement with precision linear guidance system.
  • Gear motor actuated cover swiveling arrangement for large furnaces, manual swiveling device for smaller furnaces.
  • Retort made out of high grade stainless steel with inserted atmosphere flow guidance cylinder and provided with air or water cooled top flange. For larger furnaces above 2400 mm diameter, bottomless retort is preferred.
  • Several options available for batch cooling by cooling air fan, heat exchanger system air to atmosphere, intensive atmosphere circulation etc.
  • Atmosphere rapid cooling system available for maximum cooling efficiency.
  • Permits running systematic heat treatment programs with predefined temperature gradients and provided with PLC allowing flexible set up and execution of process parameters and sequences and multi Loop Automatic Temperature and Carbon Potential or Nitriding Potential Control System.
  • Reliable process automation and control systems through oxygen probe or hydrogen sensor together with mass flow meters for automatic flow control of gases available.
  • Fully automatic control system with interface for process control system
  • Media supply to furnace via high quality flexible hoses and quick fix couplings.

For more information and to discuss on your Atmosphere Furnace requirements, contact Sushan Chakravorty at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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