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Wesman’s range of NO Bake (Chemically bonded sand) Equipment includes equipment required for Mould Preparation, Mould Handling, Mould Painting & Drying Core Making and Sand Reclamation. Wesman manufactures these equipment in India in collaboration with FOUNDRY MACHINERY & SPARES LTD. of UK who are a leading designer and manufacturer in Europe supplemented by Wesman own designs perfected and proven in the field.

MOULD PREPARATION EQUIPMENT includes Continuous Sand Mixers & Mould Compaction Tables. Both Single Arm as well as Articulated Double Arm type Continuous Mixers suitable for blending sand with different types of no bake binders in various capacities of 3 TPH, 6 TPH, 13 TPH and 20 TPH are available. Compaction Tables of load capacity ranging from 750 to 3000 kgs. are available from Wesman's range.

MOULD HANDLING EQUIPMENT includes Rollover Machines, Mould Manipulators, Roller Tracks, Transfer Trolleys and Transfer Tables etc from both the FMS and Wesman range.

MOULD PAINTING & DRYING EQUIPMENT refers to Flood Coaters and Drying Tunnels for water based paint. In general Mould Manipulators are used to handle moulds while flood coating them with paint. The oil / gas or electrically heated Drying Tunnels, designed by Wesman, normally have conveyors for transporting the moulds.

SAND RECLAMATION: Both Mechanical Attrition as well as Thermal Reclamation Units are available. Attrition Reclamation Units are available in capacities of 1 TPH, 3 TPH, 6 TPH, 9 TPH, 15 TPH & 20 TPH. Thermal Reclamation Units are available in capacities of 0.5 TPH, 1 TPH & 2 TPH.

CORE MAKING EQUIPMENT: These are the Core Shooters and peripherals for Cold Box Core Shooters include Hi-Speed Batch Mixers, Amine Gas Generators and Wet Scrubbers etc. Wesman make vertically parted / horizontally parted, electric / gas heated Core Shooters of different sizes.

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