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Wesman can design, manufacture and supply complete plants for preparing and handling no bake moulds. Such moulds could be either without flask (i.e cake moulds) or with flask.

For preparation of moulds the plant should essentially have a Continuous Mixer and Compaction Table. Sizing of the Mixer has a relationship with the size of the Mould to be prepared and the hourly production rate of the plant. Typically a no bake mould half should not take more than 20 minutes to be filled with sand mix. Based on this as well as number of moulds to be prepared per hour, the hourly capacity of the Mixer in TPH can be determined.

A typical Mould Handling system will have the following items of equipment

1) Rollver Machine - Equipment for stripping of mould halves from patterns
2) Upstream equipment of mould stripping equipment
3) Downstream equipment of mould stripping equipment
4) Equipment for handling of closed moulds and poured moulds
5) Sand Reclamation Unit

Rollover Machine is the equipment used for stripping of mould halves from patterns.

Upstream of Rollover Machine is either a Carousel type Rotary Moulding Unit or a Fast Loop type Linear Moulding Line. In both of these, the basic purpose is to provide a time lag to the mould half so that the same gets properly cured before being stripped off the pattern. Carousel is a rotating disc with multiple waiting stations (in the form of small roller conveyors) on it. Fast Loop is a set of powered Roller Conveyors and Transfer Cars to form a closed loop along with the Rollover Machine.

Downstream equipment of Rollover Machine are generally a Belt Conveyor, a Flood Coating Station with a Manipulator or a. Mould Tilting Unit, a Slat Conveyor, an In line Oven (required particularly when Flood Coating is done with water based paint) and a Manipulator for Mould Closing. Depending on the availability of space and the process requirement, these set of equipment can vary. In some of the plants Belt Conveyor might not be there or in some the Oven is not needed (particularly for the ones where thinner based paint is used as a part of process requirement).

After the above set of equipment there is a pair of Transfer Cars and a number of non powered Roller Conveyors to form the Pouring Line as well as Cooling Line. The Transfer Cars transfer the closed moulds from the Closing area to the Pouring lines and also the cooled poured moulds from the Cooling Line to the Knockout cum Reclamation Area. Wipe Off unit is used to transfer the poured mould from the Transfer Car to the Knockout.

Reclamation Units essentially consist of Lump Reducer, Cooler/Classifier and Pneumatic Transporter. Bag Filter type Dust Collectors are the most important peripheral of any Reclamation System (see elsewhere on this website for more details on Mechanical and Thermal Sand Reclamation Systems).

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