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Mixers and Mullers

Wesman have been manufacturing and marketing sand Mixers and Mullers since more than 50 years. A large number of machines are in service even after 25 years. Wesman have wide range of Mixers and Mullers to cater to the needs of large, medium and small foundries. Wesman Mixers and Mullers are designed to quickly, uniformly and mechanically manipulate a heterogeneous mass of two or more dry or wet materials of varying aggregate size into uniformly blended and bonded homogeneous product.

Mullers are primarily designed for mixing green sand for Foundry application. However it finds various other applications like mixing of Abrasives, Battery Paste, Ceramics, Fertilizers, Ore, Food (with some modification), Refractory, Welding Electrode Fluxes etc. The Wesman E- series Mullers are available in various sizes – 25 Kg to 1500 Kg batch capacity with respect to Foundry sand.

Mullers are fitted with large mulling rollers for proper needing of the sand as well as two sets of scrapers which move sand from centre to periphery and from periphery centre causing good mixing and pushing sand under the rollers. The 350 Kg and larger Mullers can be provided with Skip hoist for charging of sand and other ingredients. Aerator can also be fitted at the discharge for obtaining fluffy sand as optional extra.

The Rotomix mixerhas, in addition to the main rotor, an auxiliary rotor with shear blades which shear the bentonite platelets and provide intense mixing of sand. This action reduces the mixing time to only 3 minutes, instead of 6 minutes in Mullers, and increases strength for same bentonite consumption. Wesman RM- series Rotomix Intensive mixer mixers are available in four sizes having batch capacity from 80 Kg to 450 Kg.

Intensive Mixer is designed toefficiently deliver large volume of high-quality of prepared sand with in short time. The average cycle time is around 90 seconds. The built in batch hopper allows preparation of batch prior to emptying the previous batch so that new batch may be added to the mixer as soon as it is empty without losing any time. The planetary gear box allows the mixing blades to rotate in their own axes as well as revolve around the axis of the mixer. This causes intense mixing of sand by consuming much less power. In fact specific power consumption in Wesman intensive mixer is only 50% of that in other Intensive mixers. Bentonite utilization is very high as a result high GCS can be achieved with less bentonite.

VAM–Series mixersare designed for mixing sand for core making by Vortex Action Mixing. These mixers are suitable for Oil sand, Silicate sand and other core sand. Enhanced mixing and lump breaking is effected by the mix-enhancers fitted inside the mixer pan in the form of ribs. VAM mixers are available in six sizes having batch capacity from 45 Kg to 800 Kg.

Modified version VAM R – series is suitable for mixing refractory castable mass and is widely used by refractory castable manufacturers and end users alike.

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