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Ladles and Ladle Pre-Heaters

Wesman produces treatment ladles as well as pouring ladles for all applications namely Non-Ferrous metals, Iron and Steel. All these ladles are manufactured to high quality standards, generally conforming to Indian Standard Specification or higher, keeping the operational safety as the utmost priority.


Both Tundish and Rotary conversion ladles are available for producing SG iron by treatment / inoculation. Rotary conversion ladles uses pure magnesium for this purpose and offers an economic process of production of SG Iron. The Tundish treatment ladle is available from 500 to 2000 Kg and the Rotary conversion ladles from 500 to 1000 Kg capacities.


Both Lip pouring and Teapot spout ladles are meant for Cast Iron. Teapot Spout ladles are used to eliminate the possibility of floating slag getting in to the mould during pouring. The molten metal only from the bottom of the ladle comes through the teapot spout. Worm gear box is provided for easy tilting of the ladle while pouring. These ladles are available from 150 Kg to 16 MT capacities.


Bottom pouring ladles are used for Steel Casting. These ladles are fitted with liver actuated pouring mechanism for easy pouring of molten metal in to the mould cavity. Tilting gear is provided for cleaning purpose. For large crane tilting non-geared ladles common detachable bail arms are provided. These ladles are available from 500 Kg to 25 MT capacities.


ladles are equipped with trolley for monorail and hanger having rack and pinion arrangement for easy manipulation during pouring. These ladles are available from 150 Kg to 750 Kg capacities.


Oil or Gas Ladle pre-heaters are used for heating refractory lining of various sizes of lip-pouring and bottom-pouring ladles. High efficiency is achieved by use of Wesman burners.

Ladle Preheaters are available in Horizontal or Vertical configuration. Preheating of the ladle refractory lining upto 1000 dec C is possible. Capacities range from 500 kg to 50 MT.

Vertical Preheaters are come with a swilling hood and is preferred for newly lined ladles.

Horizontally fired ladle preheaters, preferred for recycled lades are either stationary or can be moveable on a trolley with rails .

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