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Gas Trains

Wesman's standard assembled Gas Train is supplied either for inlet gas pressure of 1 bar, 2 bar or 4 bar. The gas train is compiled with safety system and constant pressure regulating system as per universal safety regulation.

- Standard gas train range up to 585 Nm3/hr Natural Gas flow.
- Special gas train ranges up to 2000 Nm3/hr Natural Gas flow.
- Constant gas pressure regulation required for burner application.
- Safety Valve to protect the downstream equipments in case of any abnormality.
- Mechanical Relief Valve to vent out the over pressurized gas to safe the system.
- Block and bleed valve with pressure switches for safe operation.


All gas fired burner system.

Oil Pumping & Heating Units

Wesman Oil Pumping and Heating Units are designed to supply fuel oil at pre-determined constant pressure and temperature to ensure efficient combustion. These compact and fully assembled units with all valves, thermostats, pressure gages, pressure switches etc on its own drip tray prevent undesirable variations in temperature caused by heat loss and varying rates of oil flow in long oil lines from heaters located far away. The PH units circulate oil in the ring main at three times of the consumption to provide a stable oil supply system for best combustion results.

- Different combination with heaters and pumps (e.g. SPH, DPH, DPDH) with single +pump, two pumps (one standby)+ one heater and Duplex pumps and heaters 9with one set as stand-by)
- Maintain constant pressure through oil ring main.
- Maintain oil temperature within +/- 5 deg C at Heaters.
- Standard units are available from 1 kW to 90 kW.
- Non-standard units can be designed on request.


All low-pressure oil fired burner system.

High Pressure Pumping & Heating Unit

Wesman High Pressure Pumping and Heating Units are designed for fuel handling system, where the pressure is required above 100 psi.

- Different combination with heaters and pumps.
- Also available without heaters.
- Constant oil pressure regulation as per system requirement.
- Available up to 250 psi oil pressure and over on request.


- Boilers.
- Rotary Kiln.
- Tank Loading and Un-loading system

Electric Outflow Heaters

Wesman Electric Outflow Heaters are used in the oil service tank to ensure the uninterrupted supply of fuel to the Heating and Pumping Unit.

- Rugged construction to suit outdoors installation.
- Available with Flameproof and Non-flameproof type heater.
- Ranges from 1 kW to 75 kW.
- Higher range can be designed on request.
- Maintain oil temperature within +/- 5 degC within Heaters.


Oil Service Tank or Day Tank.

Line Oil Preheaters

Wesman Line Oil Pre-heaters are used in the oil line from where the fuel is supplied to the burner. The Pre-heaters are used to maintain the temperature of oil circulation line if the pumping unit is installed far away from the burner.

- Rugged construction to suit outdoors installation.
- Ranges from 1 kW to 75 kW.
- Higher range can be designed on request.
- Maintain oil temperature within +/- 5 deg C within Heaters

Oil Pressure Regulating Valves

Wesman Oil Pressure Regulating Valves reduces oil line pressure to a constantly maintained outlet pressure despite variations in flow rate. These regulators can be used with inlet pressure up to 250 psi and temperature up to 150 deg C.

- Supply oil to burner at a constant pressure at all operating condition.
- Avoid build up of pressure which occurs upstream of Ratiotrol and other equipment at turn down condition.
- Helps setting of burners and keeps the setting for all conditions.
- Ensures exact flow of fuel to the burner.
- Can be set different pressure to the individual or zone burner/s depending on process requirement.
- Available with two models/sizes i.e. PRV-12 and PRV-20.

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