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LOI WESMAN Endothermic Gas Generators type EG are equipment to produce protective gases and comprises of an optimally insulated vertical reaction chamber in which a heat resistant Retort is embedded and heated by gas or electricity. Atmospheric gas is generated by the endothermic reaction of a gas/air mixture within the heat resistant retort containing a reaction catalyst and the gas cracks at a defined temperature in its constituent components and is immediately cooled by twin stage coolers.
This produced protective gas is fed as atmospheric gas into the furnace in order to displace the atmospheric oxygen which prevents unwanted reactions through oxygen with the materials to be treated. The approximate analysis of the resultant gas is 20-23% CO, 40-31% H2, 40-45% N2 with traces of H2O and CO2.


Endo Gas is used for diverse heat treatment processes like Carburizing, Hardening, Carbonitriding, Bright Hardening of carbon and alloy steels, Annealing, Normalizing, Steel Brazing, Ferritic Nitrocarburizing etc.


  • Heating System can be electrically heated type EG-E or Gas Fired type EG-G.
  • Gas used for heating and process can be LPG/Propane/Natural Gas supplied.
  • A vailable in three sizes of capacity 30 Nm3/Hr (1000 cubic feet per hour) Type EG-30, 60 Nm3/Hr (2000 cubic feet per hour) Type EG-60 and 120 (60 X 2) Nm3/Hr(4000 cubic feet per hour) Type EG-120.Please Note that other sizes may be available on request.


  • Compact and Space Saving Design
  • Circular Design leads to Uniform Heat Transfer.
  • Low Wattage Spiral Heating Elements designed for lower surface density lowers consumption, are of high durability and easy disassembly.
  • Specially designed System Offers 3:1 Turn down Ratio.
  • Atmosphere Water Cooling System
  • Multi Loop Automatic Temperature and Dew Point Control
  • Automatic control of gas quality using Lambda Probe system in the accurate Dew Point Regulation Range of -5 to + 50C of Produced Gas.
  • Amount of gas produced is only as much as required, eliminating useless burn off of excess endo gas directly from the Generator.
  • Easy and automatic retort burn off and regeneration cycle of catalysts
  • Simple and safe operation
  • Easy to service and maintain.

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