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Conveyorized Monorail Tempering Furnace


Wesman has a full range of monorail conveyorised furnace for tempering and drying upto 50 MTPH to offer to Foundry Cast House, Forgings and other metal industries. The furnace comprises of number of hot air generators installed below the hearth with hot air recirculating fans, baffles, overhead monorail conveyor for movement of charge material from charging to discharging end of furnace.

Material, one by one, will be loaded at the charge end of the furnace over a steel hook attached to overhead trolley riding on monorail conveyor. Indexing of trolley with hook will be hydraulically operated for movement from charge to discharge end. The hooks will travel through the furnace as per indexed trolley pitch and material will be unloaded one by one manually or by a suitable unloading mechanism at the discharge end. Return monorail conveyor will move the empty trolley-hook assembly from discharging to the charging end for the purpose of loading.

The furnaces are oil/gas fired with Wesman’s high efficiency burners located at one end of hot air generators supported by a full complement of combustion system with safety devices. The Furnaces are provided with suitable stainless steel Baffle with Recirculating fans for Better Heat Transfer through Convection and close Temperature Uniformity.

The furnace is of Double Wall construction with inner SS 304 and outer MS with back up Ceramic Fiber Lining at the side walls roof and door. The bottom hearth of the furnace and hot air generator chambers are lined with combination of medium grade alumina bricks backed by insulation bricks to minimize heat losses and to reduce the skin temperature.

Wesman offers complete control and instrumentation system to suit each customer’s requirement – from simple to very advanced and sophisticated controls. Temperature control loops, fuel ratio control loops, and instrumentation for over temperature by stand alone instruments or PLC based SCADA software control systems are available.


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