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Aluminium Soaking Pit

Aluminum Soaking Pits

Wesman has a full range of Soaking Pits for Aluminum Slabs up to a capacity of 100 MT to offer to the aluminium industries. These furnaces will be Electrically Heated. Slabs are loaded into the pit with the help of an overhead crane. After heating and soaking, aluminium slabs are discharged from the pit one by one for rolling operation. The Pit will be essentially a single open top box with a working chamber and heating chambers separated by dividing baffle wall. The work chamber will hold the aluminium slabs stacked horizontally separated by spacers for processing.

Hot air recirculation inside the pit is done by efficient axial flow recirculation fan, which can be with two-speed motor or with VVF drive for low power consumption. Stainless steel baffle for proper hot air circulation inside the furnace is provided.

The furnace is provided with electrical heating system through vertically suspended heater cartriges located along with the sidewalls of the furnace. The heating elements of the furnace are suitably divided into number of heating zones with each zone of having their bank of heater cartriges. Each bank heater cartridges shall be connected either in STAR/DELTA or Parallel STAR/DELTA groups to have minimum number of heater cartridges per phase per group so that the heater cartridges of groups can be isolated, without switching of the furnace to ensure easy replacement.

The furnaces can be of Double Wall construction with inner SS 304 and outer MS packed in between with Ceramic Fiber Lining at the side walls & roof to reduce heat losses to economic minimum. Hearth inside the pit will have single plate construction duly insulated with High Alumina Firebricks backed by Cold Face insulation bricks to minimize the skin temperature.


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