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LOI Wesman Thermprocess is among the leading suppliers of Industrial furnaces for the Aluminium Industry.


Wide range of Melting and holding furnaces, both stationary as well as tilting type, are available. The front loading furnace door stretches over the full width of the furnace to enhance rapid charging, alloying, drossing and cleaning.


Melt rates of up to 20Metric ton per hour is possible. Bath capacity ranges from 5 to 120 Metric ton.


The furnaces are heated by oil/gas burner systems.


The burners can be conventional Nozzle mix type or Regenerative type. The burners are controlled as a function of bath temperature.

Rising energy prices and rapid depletion of natural resources make the recycling of aluminium scrap increasingly attractive from an economical and environmental point of view.


LOI Wesman’ s Twin Chamber melting furnace has been specially developed for melting both  thin walled and thick walled dirty scrap and block metal. The two chambers are separated by an air cooled suspended partition which is immersed in the bath of molten metal for normal operation.


Only melting chamber is heated directly, the scrap chamber is heated indirectly by the flue gases from the melting chamber. Pyrolysis gases produced during preheating of the contaminated scrap are incinerated in the melting chamber in an environment friendly manner.


The process expertise is available for secondary melting and recycling furnaces for charge weight of up to 120MT.








For Aluminium coil annealing LOI Wesman offers the Lifting hearth chamber furnace which consists of several furnace units that operate independently with a common charging system. This configuration reduces the space required to a minimum. Each furnace chamber is charged with one coil and the complex process of assembling coil stack on the basis of size, alloy & annealing programme is therefore not required



Aluminium  alloys call for  special heat treatment  combining solution annealing, quenching, and age hardening. Plants for the heat treatment of cast or forged aluminium wheels for the cars and trucks are one of the specialities of LOI Wesman. Depending on the requirements of the individual application, the following types of furnace are used :




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