Wesman Ladles are designed to IS specifications and built to withstand years of rigorous service. Wesman makes ladles - small lip-pouring and tea pot spout ladles for monorail rack hoist pouring,  geared and crane-suspended lip-pouring, teapot spout and drum-type ladles for iron foundries, geared and crane-suspended bottom-pouring ladles for steel foundries, as well as large crane tilting-type ladles for steel plants are available in various sizes as per standard and customized design.

The welded-construction shell is fabricated from mild steel plate with vent holes, and reinforced with a body holding ring. The ring is welded to the shell with small wedges which create air gaps   that prevent the trunnion and gearbox from being heated by conduction. The spout is welded to the shell at 90° to the trunnion position. The bail arm consists of top and side members and a hook eye plate connected by bolts.

For smooth and effortless operation a gear tilting mechanism operated by a hand wheel is provided in a totally enclosed casing packed with lubricants. A safety catch is also provided, which when engaged prevents movement of the ladle. Bottom-pouring ladles come with a stopper rod mechanism, which consists of a stopper rod carrier, slide and swivel operation lever. Detachable bail arms are also available for crane tilting-type non-gear ladles.