Wesman ladle pre-heaters are used for heating refractory linings of pouring and treatmnt ladles. The pre-heater consists of a horizontal steel frame pivoted on a turret assembly fitted with radial and thrust bearings mounted on a robust fabricated stand.

A cowl lined with high-grade refractory castable or ceramic fiber blanket is fitted at one end of the horizontal frame, and is balanced by a combustion air blower mounted at the opposite end of the frame. For Vertical Ladle Preheater the burner faces vertically downward at the centre of the cowl. The horizontal frame can be swiveled manually on the vertical axis and locked in desired position. For Horizontal Ladle Preheater the burner fires horizontally and the cowl, pipeline with control valves and blower are mounted on a frame which can be stationary or can be trolley driven for linear or cross movement.

The ladle preheater is fitted with a Wesman oil / gas / duel fuel burner with necessary valves to obtain a maximum drying temperature of 1000°C or as per customized requirement. Combustion air is provided by Wesman centrifugal blower. Preheated oil at constant temperature and pressure is supplied to the burner by a Wesman oil heating and pumping unit.