Wesman Baleout Furnaces For Brass And Gun Metal are efficient and complete melting and holding units. The furnace is refractory-lined and supplied as a complete package which includes blower, burner and crucible.

The durable body is constructed from thick reinforced mild steel plates. The crucible is available in options of either cast iron, graphite or silicon carbide.

The furnace is supplied with   a Wesman Schieldrop oil burner (LPG or natural gas firing is also available as an option). Combustion air is provided by a Wesman centrifugal blower. Preheated oil at constant temperature and pressure is supplied to the burner by a Wesman heating and pumping unit.

The burner fires tangentially inside the shell lining into a circular combustion space so that the hot gases surround the crucible, ensuring uniform heating. Waste gases pass out through a flue at one side, allowing reasonable working conditions for the operator. Normally the flue discharge is upward for top exhaust. Optionally, waste gases can be collected in a fume extraction hood for discharge outside the production area.