Wesman Reverberatory Furnaces are used primarily for melting copper and its alloys such as bronze and brass, and other metals such as aluminium, lead and zinc. The furnace is supplied with refractory lining (except for model RVA-33 & RVA-66), tilting gear arrangement (hydraulic tilting for RVA-66), blower and burner.

The furnace is constructed from reinforced mild steel plates of substantial thickness, and is supported on a heavy fabricated stand through trunnions on anti-friction bearings. The furnace is provided with a tilting gear arrangement on one side shaft extension comprising a worm, worm wheel, bevel gears and large hand wheel for easy manual operation (motorized drive arrangement with inching facility is optionally available). RVA-66 is supplied with hydraulic tilting arrangement.

The furnace is fitted with a Wesman Schieldrop self-proportioning oil burner (optional firing of LPG or natural gas is also available). The burner is arranged to fire directly inside the shell lining. Waste gases pass out through a vertical flue passage which also serves as a charging door, enabling the charge to be preheated before melting. Products of combustion may be collected in an optional fume extraction   unit for discharge outside the shop.