Wesman Rotary Melting Furnaces are highly efficient melting units. The furnace is designed primarily to melt iron but can also melt aluminium, copper, copper alloys, etc. When melting non-ferrous metals, the batch capacity as well as combustion system will change.

The furnace consists of a cylindrical shell fitted with two steel tyres supported on rollers mounted on a fabricated steel frame. The shell has two spouts and two lifting trunions and is rotated by friction between the tyre and rollers, which are driven by a motor via a worm reduction gear. Manual drive provision is also a standard feature.

A Wesman low air pressure burner capable of operation with preheated air is fitted. The burner can fire HSD, LDO, furnace oil or LSHS. Gas firing options are also offered.

A cylindrical radiation-type recuperator utilizing the waste products of combustion is provided to heat the combustion air. The recuperator is mounted either on a fabricated supporting structure or on a brick-lined chamber. It receives the products of combustion from the furnace through a waste gas bend trolley. The furnace is charged by removing the trolley.

Wesman Rotary Melting Furnace is available for various batch capacities starting from 300 Kg. to 2000 Kg.