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Batch Type Galvanizing Furnace
LOI Wesman Thermprocess Pvt. Ltd offers Hot dip Galvanising furnaces with capacities ranging from 2 to 30 tons per Hour. These furnaces are offered with combustion systems suitable for heavy oil, light oil, rich or lean gas or dual fuel (oil & gas). For special application electrically heated galvanising furnaces are also offered.
LOI Wesman Thermprocess’s galvanizing furnace designs offer the following advantages :-

Low fuel and energy consumption
Uniform and optimum heat transfer through the kettle surface resulting in improved kettle life
Proper kettle support system to impart maximum strength and durability
Efficient control system for fast response to load changes
Lightweight energy-efficient ceramic fibre insulation
Efficient fume extraction systems
Completely enclosed system with vertical rise & fall side doors extended over full length of kettle for
A high-temperature zinc bath is recommended for galvanizing of small items like nuts & bolts. The equipment required for this process are :-

Continuous dryer
Galvanizing furnace with Ceramic Bath.
Centrifuge for spin basket
Water quenching system

The bath is made of special refractory brickwork as bath temperature can go as high as 5600C. The fuel can be oil, gas or dual-fuel. Burner control is fully automatic.

High Temperature Galvanising Furnace

            Dryer for Small part drying

           Quench System
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