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Wesman has over five decades of experience in designing and supplying Sand Plant to foundries as a turn-key installation. A large number of Sand Plants supplied in the sixtees are in regular operation till date. The unique feature of a Wesman Sand Plant is that the critical and individual equipment and machines are of proprietary Wesman design that adds to the reliability and robustness of the complete plant.

VIBRATORY KNOCK-OUT: Shakeout Machine is designed to separate sand and castings from mould box. The Shakeout Machine consists of a top deck, made out of thick steel plate having drilled holes, which together with top rugged fabricated frame floats on heavy duty springs resting on a supporting structure.  The floating top frame is made to shake violently either by an eccentric shaft drive mechanism or by vibro-motor system. Four sizes ranging from 1 to 12 MT is available in the Wesman range. 

COVEYORS: Wesman designs and supplies different types of conveyers namely Oscillating, Belt type, Pallet and Roller conveyer in standard and custom design sizes.

Oscillating Conveyer has a vibrating trough, supported by arms of special design. This conveys material due to a special pattern of oscillating motion imparted by combined action of driving crank and the inclined supporting arms. Down load leaflet

Belt Type Conveyer
is available mainly for movement of material horizontal or slightly inclined plane. Troughed endless rubber belt, supported by sets of idle rollers, is held between two drums at the two ends. The drive drum is powered by motor and gear box or geared-motor  arrangement.  Available in various lengths and sizes according to specific requirement.

: Wesman supplies belt and bucket type elevators mainly for conveying foundry sand in vertical direction. Rust free fiber-glass buckets are available as an option. Some parts of the Elevator body are also made of Fiber-glass for longer life. These are tailor made to suit the specific plant layout and capacities.

Rotary Table Feeder
: The Rotary Table feeder is used to feed sand from a bunker to a Conveyer or other downstream equipment where pre-set feed rate is required. The feed rate may be mechanically adjusted which would remain unaltered till it is re-set. These are available in three table sizes for various feed rates from 4 to 20 MT/hr.

Screw Feeder: Screw feeders are use for conveying additive from additive hopper to mixer at the required rate. These are fitted with VFD controlled Motors for varying the RPM for adjusting the required feed rate.

Polygonal Screen: Rotary Polygon Screen is used in Sand Preparation Plants for removal of lumps of sand, large pieces of scrap, non-magnetic and coarse foreign materials from the knocked out used sand or dried new sand. This is done by using rotating hexagonal screen of required mesh size.

Aerator: Aerators effectively disintegrate foundry moulding sand to produce fluffy sand that would ram to a uniform density in moulds and produce impression of finer details. Aerators are normally installed at the outlet of Mullers or on top of a distribution belt conveyor after Muller and before molder’s hoppers. Aeration is effected by rotating combs.

Magnetic Separator: Magnetic separators are used to separate iron pieces from the return knocked out sand. These are either Drum type used as a non drive drum of a conveyer or over band type used across conveyor at a short height of return sand line. High intensity anisotropic strontium ferrite permanent magnets are used in Wesman magnetic separators for stronger magnetic pull. 

Core and Mould oven: Both batch (trolley) type and continuous (vertical) type core and mould ovens are available in various sizes, from 500 to 3000 Kg, for baking / drying of cores / moulds of various compositions. Wesman ovens may be fired with oil /gas. Some of the trolley type batch ovens are available with Electric heating option.

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