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Hot Air Generators


Wesman has a full range of Hot Air Generators/ Air Heaters of both horizontal & vertical type up to a heat release capacity of 25 Million KCal per hour to offer to Cement, Chemical, Fertilizers, Minerals and Tea industries.

The hot air generator shall consist of three segments, which is, the combustion chamber, the conical venturi mixing chamber and the outlet chamber. The circular combustion chamber will have the burner wall at one end. The burner shall be fitted on to the burner wall at one end of the combustion chamber that will fire directly into the chamber. The combustion chamber shall be made of two concentric shells wherein the inner shell lined with refractory material, will work as combustion chamber and the dilution air will be forced through the annular gap available between the two concentric shells. Dilution air is forced into the air heater with the help of a forced draught centrifugal fan that will mix with the products of combustion in the conical venturi mixing chamber, also lined with insulation material. Hot air at desired temperature and quantity will emanate from the outlet chamber that is also normally lined with insulation material.

Hot Air Generators are fired with Wesman’s high efficiency burners supported by a full complement of combustion system consisting of combustion fan, atomizing fan, dilution air fan, oil heating and pumping systems and/or gas trains. In addition auto ignition, flame failure safety and complete control systems are offered. Practically any type of liquid or gaseous fuel can be used viz. Furnace Oil, Light Diesel Oil, LPG, Natural Gas and Coke Oven gas singly or a combination of any oil or gas in case of dual fired furnaces.


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