Wesman Sand Preparation Plants Model EJX is designed to cater to small and medium foundries, and consists of a package of screening, charging, mixing and aerating systems for foundry used sand. The plant consists of a vibrating screen with magnetic drum, skip hoist, dust hood, muller and aerator fixed to the muller outlet.

Knocked out return sand can either be shoveled manually on to the vibrating screen or placed by any other convenient means. Screened sand flows through the vibrating pan to the bucket of the skip hoist via a magnetic drum, which separates out iron particles and collects them in a container in the pit. Lumps are discharged at the side of the screen by a deflector plate fixed on top of the screen near discharge end.

A skip hoist bucket collects one batch of sand and discharges it to the muller. Two limit switches control the travel of the bucket at the top and bottom positions. A dust hood with a hinged flap door is provided on top of the muller. This flap door opens out when sand is discharged from the bucket and automatically closes due to a counterweight when the bucket empties out, thus maintaining a dust-tight atmosphere. The muller prepares the moulding sand and discharges it through the aerator, which is collected in a wheel barrow or by other means. Additives and new sand are added manually to the muller. An operating platform at the muller level can be optionally supplied.